Women with temperament take these bags when they go out! How to match the three styles

When it comes to the easily neglected parts in modeling, accessories should be in the first place. As an ornament, it mainly plays the role of embellishing modeling, which is dispensable in the eyes of some people. However, the types of accessories are rich and colorful, and different designs bring different decorative effects. Proper collocation can embellish the modeling. I think for women, bags are indispensable accessories Besides decorating, it can also satisfy the needs of taking things out. Like these three styles, the style is salt and sweet, and the collocation is fashionable and advanced.


1、 Chain package

The underarm bag is very fashionable, but the short shoulder strap can’t adjust the length flexibly, and the size of the bag is too small. When you wear thick single items such as overcoat and down jacket, you will feel very cramped and compact, but it makes people feel not grand enough. At this time, it is suggested to change the bag with long shoulder strap, such as chain strap bag, which is a good choice. The metal shoulder strap is durable and has texture, and it matches with various styles of upholstery They all complement each other. When choosing the chain bag, you should pay attention to the design. It’s not too complicated to match.

The size of the chain bag is also big and small. The big bag has a strong sense of existence, but it’s easy to be pressed down. It’s hard for a petite woman to carry a big bag, and the optimization of the personal proportion is not satisfactory. Especially, this kind of chain bag on her shoulder has a kind of appeal. It’s not recommended to try it if she’s not tall enough.

2、 Hand bag

As the name suggests, handbags are usually used in formal occasions such as fashion occasions or banquets. Different designs have different style attributes. Small size design is more refined and elegant, which is suitable for matching with dress items, showing a dignified and generous temperament. If the dress is more concise, it is suitable to choose large size handbags. The overall feeling is more atmospheric, and the bag is more comfortable The bag also has a stronger sense of existence. The shape of Mitsuki is to choose a large hand bag. The basic black and rhombic texture show the texture.

The design of the handbag is various, but not every style is versatile. You have to choose the right style according to the dress style. For example, the overall accessories are low and dull. The color of the selected handbag can be bright, which can help improve the brightness of the shape and inject some fresh vitality into the shape. This is the case with Tang Yan’s airport dress, which is mainly black It’s boring and boring. The colorful striped square bag on hand can just make up for this deficiency and add some bright color to the dress

The shape of the handbag is ever-changing. In order to further show the fashion charm of accessories, we should choose the more unique style in the design, and the highlight of the modeling will be more sufficient. If the design style of the bag can echo with the appearance, the overall look will be more unified. Qiao Xin’s handbag is small in size, which is a lovely and personalized design for the bucket shape, with wine red and black color matching Simple and low-key, with texture, color just can echo with the red coat, it doesn’t seem to be abrupt

3、 Underarm bag

Speaking of this year’s popular bag, the underarm bag must be on the list. The design is small and exquisite, and there is no lack of fashion sense. The short shoulder strap is just under the armpit. This is the origin of the name of the underarm bag. It is much more convenient than holding the bag in hand. It can free up both hands more freely, and also guide people’s vision upward. It has a high proportion of visual optimization, and is the most versatile It is a black underarm bag, no doubt, in a more prominent position in the shape, even if the design is simple, it is not easy to be ignored.

The proportion of underarm bags in modeling is small, but it can be regarded as the center. Its design style still has a certain impact on the aesthetic feeling of the overall modeling. Although the black style is easy to see and mix, if the matching clothing is also too deep, the color is too boring. Compared with the light color underarm bags, they are much fresher, and the effect is better when they are matched with the dark color, with light and dark ribbons In winter, it is suggested to choose cream white, apricot and other warm colors to add warmth to the shape.

The brighter the color of the underarm bag, the higher the degree of identification, and the more obvious the decorative effect on the shape. The local bright color embellishment not only does not pick the skin color temperament, but also can avoid too dull shape. However, when the color brightness of the dress is also on the high side, we have to pay attention to whether the two colors are compatible. The most direct way to solve the color conflict is to choose the same color system. The following fashion street photo is convenient For example, the bright orange leather clothes with the same color underarm bags are fresh and energetic, and the mix of blue pants and scarves and hats is more fashionable and personalized.


There are many styles of bags, so it’s difficult to choose the one that conforms to one’s own temperament. Some women are prone to impulsive consumption in the face of a wide range of designs. In fact, choosing the basic style is the most conservative, and they are not afraid of violating any style. In addition, they can start with a concave style with outstanding design sense to improve the sense of fashion. If you are not sure what style to start with, you may as well refer to it Let’s take these three tests

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