How to dress in spring

Spring is a season suitable for wearing skirts. Many girls can’t wait to give a big change to the wardrobe every spring. The small skirts in the wardrobe occupy most of the country. Although it’s nice to wear a skirt in spring, it’s natural to change the style when you wear more. So next, I’d like to introduce some casual ways to wear in spring. Even if you don’t wear a skirt, it can be beautiful, and it will be very comfortable.


1、 Loose sweater with casual jeans

Sweater choose a more relaxed and casual style, wear lazy and comfortable, but also can help cover the stomach, and then with a pair of casual jeans, try to choose the style of nine point open ankle, if not nine point style, you can roll up the trouser legs, spring will give people a very casual and casual feeling.


2、 Casual jacket with wide leg pants

With a casual jacket and wide leg pants, it looks very simple, which is a very popular minimalist style. Casual jacket is easy for ordinary people to control, but also has a sense of fashion. Matching with wide leg pants will make people have a very suitable feeling. The whole shape is comfortable and advanced.


3、 Turtleneck with straight pants

The weather in spring may still be a little bit cool. At this time, you can choose a slim, not particularly thick turtleneck sweater. You can wear a curve that can modify your body very well. It’s very thin. Then you can match it with a pair of straight pants. It’s young and energetic. If you wear it properly, you’ll be a young girl.


4、 Tooling jacket with black pants

In fact, the frock style coat is especially suitable for small girls. It can not only decorate the body’s shortcomings, but also show a special personality. The whole shape has a cool and handsome trend. With a pair of omnipotent black pants, it can easily show thin and high. When you go out in spring, it will definitely attract people’s attention and make others bright.

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