How to wear a skirt without showing your stomach

There are a lot of girls do not know where to start when choosing the style of skirt, so they can only blindly follow the so-called fashion trend or buy the same model of stars, blindly imitate others’ wear, so it is difficult to find their own skirt. Because each girl’s figure is different, in order to find her own skirt, we must first have a clear understanding of her body.

It’s easy for the skirt style to cover up our body defects and make our proportion and figure better. For the belly has a small belly this problem can also be very good solution, so skirt always receive a lot of girls love. The following is to teach you how to use the skirt selection and collocation to create a perfect figure, so that the belly easily disappear.

Girls with small belly wear skirt, in fact, as long as avoid the version too close to the abdomen style, let the transition between the waist and skirt slowly spread down, can hide the abdominal fat in the skirt shape, a little more elegant atmosphere, thin and dynamic.

The waist and abdomen are decorated with accessories, or pleated skirt, which will increase the sense of existence of the small belly because of the three-dimensional decorative elements. From the side, the abdomen bulge will be more obvious. Therefore, we should try to choose the skirt with neat cutting and no excessive decoration, so as to better achieve the function of showing the abdomen thin

Girls who want to show their waists but are not confident can occasionally try to use the top with inverted V-shape hem to match the skirt, which only shows a small triangle area, because the two sides of the hem can block the fat on the waist side, which is thin and fashionable. It’s easy to build a street look.


Tight style skirt for girls with a small belly, but it is also a test of a person’s matching skills, need to be applied to the “top wide and bottom tight” and “top long and bottom short” dressing rules, with a long and loose top, with a short slim skirt, in order to cover the abdomen and show height and thin.

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