How to wear a white shirt

People are always in the pursuit of fashion, always follow the trend of the beacon, and then become do not know what is suitable for them. But in fact, we don’t need to deliberately pursue anything. As long as we make a little effort, even a very basic white shirt, we can also wear a variety of styles.

White shirt has always been a fashion blogger, as well as an indispensable item in women’s wardrobe. No matter what the occasion, white shirt can always come in handy. But not everyone can wear a white shirt to look good and wear their own personality, to wear a white shirt to the best feeling, we need to spend a little bit of careful thinking. Let’s introduce some tips for wearing white shirt. Let’s get it!

1、 Choose an oversized white shirt

White shirts often give people a stereotype that they can only fit the right size, but in fact, if they are too slim, they will easily look rustic in collocation. So usually you can choose to try to wear some loose version of white shirt, it will be more eye-catching. The length of the sleeve is slightly longer than the wrist, and the buttons on the chest should not be too tight and casual, so the comfort will be stronger. Loose white shirt with wide leg pants or straight pants are very suitable, is a casual fashion.

2、 Wear a white shirt as a coat

A white shirt can be used as a coat in addition to being worn alone. Especially in the early autumn, this collocation is perfect. Wearing thin may make people feel cool. At this time, you can put a white shirt on the vest or basic T-shirt, which is fashionable and warm. As a white shirt to wear as a coat, it’s better to choose a silhouette that is longer than the buttocks, open the buttons, and match the lower half with a more slim skirt, which will enrich the overall modeling level.

3、 Pair with jeans

Versatile jeans naturally match perfectly with a white shirt. With an oversized white shirt, a pair of slim jeans and pencil pants, and a pair of high heels on your feet, you will undoubtedly be a charming lady. If you change into a pair of canvas shoes or sneakers, you will look more fresh and casual. In fact, we can change a variety of shapes in the matching of jeans with white shirt. In addition to jeans pencil pants, jeans wide leg pants are also a good choice to match with white shirts

4、 Lower body missing

Most girls are familiar with the wearing method of missing lower body. This method can be used in T-shirt, sweater and knitted shirt, and it is also suitable for white shirt. To create the missing shape of the lower body with a white shirt, choose a loose version of the shirt, the length of which is just one fist above the knee, so that you can visually stretch the leg line, but it will not appear too exposed.

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