The bell-shaped hat locks in the elegant modernity of this winter

This winter is especially cold, everyone who is busy outside chooses cold and warm coats and sun hats. French-style bell-shaped hats are very popular this winter, and they are a must for travel.

The Clochehat (Clochehat) came out in 1908. The cap is bell-shaped with its name, with a hem on the upper circle, and the brim of the hat is pressed very low to the diastole, like a demoulded bell that can wrap the head. It was very popular in the jazz dance era from 1920 to 1933 and was a representative of the true identity of the royal family. The bell-shaped hat contains a strong retro feel. With its distinctive design and sleek and elegant cap body, it was favored by famous ladies at that time. Compared with the beautiful decorative designs such as feathers, natural pearls, glitter, and so on, the bell-shaped hat is now in the style of preserving the aura of exquisite little girls, and it is easier to use.

Because the bell-shaped hat blocks the forehead more, the hat shape is more suitable for the head shape, so the melon face with no prominent corners is more suitable, and the lower half of the face is too wide and round, and girls with headaches are not very effective for decoration. When buying a bell-shaped hat, you must consider the relative position of the brim and the cheekbones. The brim extends beyond the cheekbones or is parallel to the cheekbones to weaken the corners of the cheekbones and make the face look more slender. If you don’t want your hair to be crushed, you can also choose a hat that is higher and the four sides do not fit the head completely. The distance between the head and the top of the hat can be controlled within the range of 4-9cm.

What material money. The main feature of the bell-shaped hat is the low brim of the garden top, which blocks the view and basically invisible to the eyes. It feels a bit mysterious. After wearing it, I feel that I am the number one female in Hollywood blockbusters of the last century. The literary style is elegant and modern. According to the transformation of appearance, material and decorative design, the bell-shaped hat can also be made differently. The woolen material is the most widely used style. Fashion street shooting has a higher rate of appearance, which can instantly enhance the temperament.

Leather products. The leather bell-shaped hat is more modern and cool, and it is also very suitable for winter wear. It is easy to store and organize, and the hat shape is not easy to move. The bell-shaped hat, which is very popular in 2020, is closer to the bucket hat. Although it is worn more to cater to the top of the head, it looks smaller in terms of visual effects. It has the effect of improving the head to shoulder ratio. The actual effect of hiding the head and hiding the face is first-class. .

Fluffy models. In fact, the bell-shaped hat is suitable all year round. It can be matched with a long coat, suit or outerwear, or with a fur coat or dress. Although the bell hat does not pick the head shape, but with long hair, it will look younger and younger. The fluffy bell-shaped hat has a stronger sense of design, coupled with the built-in gentle characteristics of lamb wool, retro and beautiful.

Leisure and entertainment. This winter, the traditional bell-shaped hat incorporates a lot of popular elements, such as pure cotton, rattan, corduroy and other leisure and entertainment materials, and becomes a street-side design style that young people can easily control. The leisure and entertainment bell-shaped hat is more suitable for women with short hair. The brim can also be turned up. The two different design styles of retro and street styles are displayed on a hat, which is very interesting.

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