Thousands of styles lost to a white shirt

Even though the fashion situation is changing rapidly, there are always some single products that can occupy a place in the update iteration of one after another, and the white shirt must be one of them.

From the past to the present, countless classics have been created by it.

On the 100th anniversary of the US version, the first group model cover shot by 10 top supermodels was a white shirt. And this cover has now become a classic pen.

In the movie “Pretty Girl in Wind and Moon”, Julia Roberts showed how to wear a textbook-level white shirt. These matching methods are still fashionable until now.

The eternal goddess Audrey Hepburn also often appears on the big screen in the form of a white shirt. From “Roman Holiday” to “Tiffany’s Breakfast”, white shirts are indispensable in these classic shots.

Even now, the white shirt has become a hot search list from time to time. I believe no one can refuse the charm of white shirt.

Although the white shirt looks plain and simple at first glance, it can not play too much room. Anyone can find their own comfort zone in a white shirt.

Even American fashion designer Carolina Herrera once said, “when I don’t know what to wear, I always wear a white shirt.”

How to choose a white shirt this year?

Although white shirts are never out of fashion, it’s not easy to wear them well. If you want to choose a good white shirt, you can start from these aspects.


About fabrics

For a white shirt, the texture of the fabric is the cornerstone of its success.

The white shirt with pure cotton texture is the most common and worn material on the market. As a natural fabric, it has good moisture absorption and is very comfortable to wear. It is a choice that everyone can’t miss.

When it comes to natural fabrics, there must be cotton linen white shirts. In the hot summer, cool and breathable is its biggest feature. Its fabric texture is slightly rough, so it often gives people a relaxed and casual feeling. However, it is worth noting that the white shirt made of cotton and linen needs to be taken good care of in order to achieve the ideal wearing state.

The most temperament is the white shirt made of silk. The unique fabric material makes its surface feel like a pearl. It has a soft filter and is very skin friendly

This year, all kinds of gauze white shirts with perspective come out one after another. They are light and romantic, and their skin penetration seems to have a fairy bonus, which makes many fashion bloggers bring their products out in person.


About typography

White shirt, the most classic but basic version.

Don’t think it’s boring. In fact, having a basic white shirt means having a variety of shapes. Whether you wear it normally, roll up your cuffs, open your hem or tie a knot at the bottom, it’s very nice. It’s a magic weapon in white shirt.

In recent years, the fashion of tooling, white shirt can not be absent. Most of the white shirts of tooling style emphasize structure, giving people a simple sense of strength, even for girls, they are cool.

On the contrary, the white shirts of court style are the best expression of femininity.

Crop top is also a popular word nowadays. When Crop Top meets a white shirt, it must be related to proportion.

Of course, designers have never given up the creative innovation of white shirts. Then, the front-end of the trend will be expressed by the design sense of white shirt. There is no fashion that can not be solved by a deconstructed version of white shirt.


About the details

In addition to the innovation of the pattern, the details of the white shirt have become more and more styling.

Especially in the change of collar type, from standing collar to back inverted collar, it’s fashionable.

And this season, the key word about the collar is: big.

Many brands are coincidentally out of a variety of big collar white shirts, quite a hundred flowers bloom.

This kind of white shirt with big collar can not only make a great impact, but also modify the face shape visually, and achieve a “small face” visual sense through comparison.

In addition, the sleeves began to “swell.”. The palace bubble sleeve shirt full of retro style is also a popular style at present. With it, the worship meat on the arm can’t be seen!

For girls who are difficult to accept exaggerated style, try to make an article on the cuff, which will be easier to wear. And whether it is to work or daily out of the street can be satisfied, but also with a sense of design careful machine.



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