The new favorite of girls, it can highlight the beauty of women and highlight the waist curve



What are the types of waist chains

1 The thin chain and the ring are connected to form a gorgeous chain. The shiny metal chain exudes a stylish atmosphere and is also very classy. The spring-type buckle is very convenient to put on and take off. There is also a movable ring on the waist chain, which can be adjusted at will according to the thickness of the waist, which is nice and intimate.

2 Twist-style weaving is smart and strong, with a whole layer of sequins inlaid on it, showing its exquisite craftsmanship and dedication. The tassel-like pendant swayed when walking, which was quite beautiful. The chain head U disk cover is rich in metal texture, and the combination of the hook-type buckle and the movable round buckle can be adjusted at will.

3 All the shapes are all hand-woven, using high-quality wax ropes and alloy butterfly buckles plus wooden beads. It looks simple and unique, with a sense of returning to the pastoral and a bit of bohemian exoticism. Use it It will be very flavorful to match with ethnic costumes.

4 Garnet has the effect of reducing arthritis and warding off evil spirits, so it is good for the waist to tie it on the waist. The chain head is designed with a jade buckle. The combination of two spiritual materials is not only bright in color, but also helpful to women’s health. It can also be used as a bracelet and necklace.

5 The ring buckle and metal rivets are bright and elegant in color, and the thin patent leather belt runs through it, which is elegant and generous. The full-length chain buckle design is strong and durable, and the combination of the heart-shaped pendant and the movable round buckle is also very delicate and practical. The thin chain has a wide range of collocation.

6 The flower on the waist chain has distinct layers, complex workmanship, and vivid and beautiful shape. The metal buckle is beautiful and durable, and the strap is flexible and comfortable. Tie it around the waist for a significant beautification and decoration. It is especially effective when wearing plain skirts or plain pants.



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