How to wear a coat to create a high-level feeling

The pure coat is classic and versatile, while the bright coat can drive away the boredom and monotony of winter, which makes people bright. No matter what style of coat, as long as it is well matched, it can easily highlight the high-level fashion sense.


If you want to look good on your coat, you should not only pay attention to the selection of single coat items, but also learn how to match with the appropriate interior. Girls want to create a coat shape with advanced sense, they should pay attention to the choice of interior. To be a woman with good taste, you can choose the following 4 styles to wear overcoats, which are fashionable and advanced, and add points to your own temperament.


Half high collar top

The high collar bottom coat is relatively attractive, while the half high collar bottom coat is also very friendly to girls with short neck and shoulder width. Its collar height is generally lower than two-thirds of the neck, which can slightly expose the skin of the neck. After wearing it, there will be no problem of neck strangulation. It combines versatility and practicality. It can be used as an inner layer to make the whole garment The type of knowledge is gentle.

If you don’t think the basic half high collar bottom coat is special enough, you can try to add other elements to the neckline. Even if the color of the item belongs to the basic tone, the elements on it can also enhance the whole shape, and can match with any style of coat.



Today’s shirts have made many breakthroughs under the ingenious design of various designers. There are many novel styles, and there are unlimited possibilities in collocation. More and more women use it as the inside of the coat to enhance the fashion sense of the shape.

Ordinary pure white shirts are versatile, but if you want to get rid of the dull monotony of basic items, you need to pay more attention to collocation. You can try to use bright color coat with white shirt, which can not only neutralize the gorgeous feeling of coat color through pure white inner collocation, but also increase the recognition of modeling, personality and free and easy.



In the colder autumn and winter season, T-shirt is a good and practical inner piece. Its fabric and light style design make it comfortable and casual. You can show the casual and lazy atmosphere when you match it with a long coat at will.

Printed T-shirt is more personalized than pure white and black style, but as an interior, try to avoid those T-shirt pieces with too fancy printed patterns. The basic color system is the main color, and the style with small area of printing embellishment is better, which is easier to control.



Winter dress alone is certainly unable to resist the attack of the cold wind, but it can be used as an interior to wear, which can not only easily solve the problem of top and bottom wear, but also add elegant femininity to the shape. Wear a V-neck dress with coat, small dew sexy, elegant temperament can easily hold all kinds of occasions, create a fashionable full shape.



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