Winter girls how to wear with thin, so collocation can help you show thin temperament

Although we don’t have the devil’s figure, as long as we spend more time on clothing collocation and learn more about collocation, we can make up for the lack of figure and achieve the effect of covering flesh and showing thin. Now let’s talk about the guide for ordinary girls to wear. It’s not only a good figure can wear a sense of fashion, but also an imperfect figure can wear a sense of fashion.


Down Jackets

The warmest piece in winter is down jacket. Most down jackets are simple to make. Replacing black and white with bright colors can increase the fashion degree of modeling, and look vigorous. They can be matched with light trousers and sports shoes to reduce the age of youth. But because the down jacket itself with a certain thickness, but also very fluffy, easy to show heavy, plump upper body, slender limbs can choose short down jacket, with leggings will have a very thin effect.

The long down jacket looks very warm, but if it’s not straight-line shape, don’t try oversize down jacket easily. The wide version plus its own fluffy feeling will make it fat several times. You can choose the loose and moderate H-type down jacket, which can stretch the body vertically to highlight the proportion of the figure. The down jacket with waist closing cut and belt makes the overall shape better Sharp and thin.



Long woolen overcoat has always been favored in winter. For girls with thick legs, it is suitable for classic straight tube H-shape to show thin and long. The length of the overcoat is in the position of the calf, and it has excellent wrapping performance. It can keep warm from the wind and cover the excess meat. It is a rare piece to show thin. Daily commuting is more practical to wear a classic black coat. The collar of the suit is simple and atmospheric, showing the slender neck and good stretching effect. Girls with wide shoulders and thick back had better choose a coat with stiff fabric, which is better to decorate the body if they don’t stick to it.

The black coat will have mature and serious atmosphere. If you want to make the atmosphere relaxed, you can choose a bright color undershirt or a colorful scarf to enhance the brightness and enrich the sense of hierarchy. Small girls can also choose a coat with decoration on their upper body. The RETRO art of ox horn button is very eye-catching. It can raise the center of gravity and has a good effect.


man ‘s suit

Girls also like to wear suits, but suits to wear good-looking, need to carefully choose their own style. Girls with small stomachs, fat hips and big hips are not suitable for short, so they choose suits covering buttocks to thigh roots to cover meat and show thin. And the slightly loose version looks more fashionable. It’s comfortable and casual. It’s retro and fashionable with light straight jeans and short boots.

Suit wear can also be diversified, in addition to matching jeans, with off white trousers with full of gentle style. Afraid of light color leg thick girls choose loose straight pants, hide meat and leg straight. Or it’s a floral dress, which can just show the ankle skirt to cover the extra fat of the leg, so it’s very friendly to the girl with fat lower body.



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