How to match the knitted skirt? It’s more gentle to wear it

When it comes to the gentle temperament of autumn and winter wear, of course, there is no lack of soft waxy knitted skirt and a variety of single products, let’s have a look!


1、 Knitted skirt with sweater

In winter, the collocation of knitting always makes people feel particularly gentle. Using a thick needle V-Neck Sweater with a knitted buttock skirt can not only highlight the figure, but also make the whole body exude intellectual femininity and look elegant.

In fact, with a pure color sweater with a knitted skirt can also wear a very good effect, although the pure color sweater style is simple, but the collocation is completely advanced. Loose solid color sweater with knitted fishtail skirt, the front hem of the sweater is slightly inserted into the skirt, playing the effect of high waist line, showing thin and high, this kind of collocation is simple and advanced.


If you think solid color is too monotonous, you can try striped or patterned sweaters. Compared with solid color sweaters, they will reduce age more clearly. With bright color sweater with white knitted skirt, color matching is very age reducing, there is a playful girl feeling, very attractive.

Most of the styles of knitted half skirts are relatively simple, so when we choose the top, we can choose the style with more design sense. The design of off shoulder and hollow out is very good. In addition, we can also use accessories such as scarves and scarves to improve the overall shape.


2、 Knitted skirt with sweater

Needless to say, the versatility of the sweater belongs to the single product with its own fashion sense, which is suitable for matching with many single products. Compared with sweater, sweater and knitted skirt with age reduction effect will be better, easy to wear energetic girl style.

There are many styles of the sweater. The hooded style is full of personality. It is casual and gentle with the knitted skirt. Compared with the lazy sweater, the temperament of the sweater is casual and handsome. With the printed pattern of the sweater, the girlish feeling will be more intense. With the printed sweater and knitted skirt, the fashion will reduce the age.



3、 Knitted skirt with jacket

Choose a loose bread jacket, the upper body will be very thin, with a black turtleneck sweater and a half length split knitted skirt, temperament and style, so that wear can lengthen the proportion of legs.

It’s also a good choice to match the short down jacket with the knitted skirt. The short down jacket is very thin, warm and fashionable. With a decorative sweater inside, the overall shape is fashionable and thin, making people look very temperament.



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