Smart women skillfully use basic style to wear “light mature style”: too elegant

Some people say that “a woman who can dress is half done”!

Indeed, no matter what your appearance and figure are, as long as you really learn to control your own clothing taste and cultivate your elegant temperament of calmness and leisure, you can exude the beauty of implication and delicacy.

As far as 40 year old women are concerned, they have gradually learned the coordination skills of mind and appearance, and they have learned not to care about other people’s views on themselves; they really know how to carefully regulate and dress themselves, and hide her fashion attitude in the simple and generous basic style to show the world the simple and intellectual external beauty

Now, Xiaobian will share with you some fashion bloggers’ wear demonstration. If we can’t wear it, we can learn from or imitate their dressing skills to wear easygoing but not casual unique temperament

In the season with strong spring atmosphere, the red elements full of beautiful implication fill our visual nerve all the time. If you dislike red too gorgeous, you might as well learn the balance technique of bloggers to balance the overall visual effect. For example, the beauty in the middle is wearing a red high collar sweater and dark blue jeans. The two colors complement each other and add a bit of casual atmosphere. A wine red scarf around your neck can brighten your skin color and protect your temperature at the same time


After the age of 40, women need to take a slightly loose version of clothing to increase the sense of wearing experience. For example, a comfortable sweater or an intellectual shirt, whether worn alone or folded, can make the shape both warm and elegant. For example, the blogger in the picture on the left wears a dark blue round neck sweater, which cleverly folds a blue shirt with a wooden ear edge, revealing a delicate neckline and cuffs, easily creating a hierarchical visual effect. With a card green straight skirt on the lower body, it can cover the meat and reduce the age at the same time.


As long as you carefully observe, you will find that this blogger’s collocation has a very obvious feature: enhance the waist line! In the above matching demonstration, she will tuck the sweater into the waist of her trousers or skirt at will, thus virtually lengthening the leg lines, creating a high proportion of short top and long bottom. Therefore, her collocation skills are very suitable for small girls to learn or imitate.

Do 40 year old women want to avoid giving people a strong sense of presence? May as well use the gentle color matching to create a fashionable and gentle age reduction effect. For example, the blogger on the right chooses a kind of fragrant purple sweater with gentle and Lady flavor, which is matched with a plaid stitched skirt. The dark skirt weakens the swelling feeling brought by the light color system. Then use a white bag as embellishment, very suitable for daily leisure collocation

Jeans that can travel through the four seasons are essential for every fashionable woman’s wardrobe. For a 40 year old woman, choosing a pair of jeans to simply match with a sweater or shirt can not only increase the comfort of action, but also add a bit of leisure to her fashion style

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